Kidnap victim in Spain digs way out of hole after 36-hour ordeal

SEXUAL ABUSE: National police have arrested a teacher at a bullfighting school over more than 10 allegations. CREDIT: National Police (file pic)

A LORRY driver who was kidnapped and held in a hole in Madrid managed to dig his way out after a 36-hour ordeal.

According to reports the kidnappers assaulted the victim at knifepoint at a zebra crossing and forced him to drive to a property in the Cañada Real district on the outskirts of the city, an area with a reputation for drug sales.

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Once there they took his wallet, clothes and all his belongings and shut him into a hole.

Using a spade he found in the space, after a day and a half of digging the victim managed to escape and run to a nearby service station for help.

Spanish media reported that a few days earlier a number of individuals has jumped on another person at knifepoint and forced them to go to different cashpoints and take out money. They then shut them into a car boot and abandoned them.

National Police have now arrested two men and a woman in connection with the cases.


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