COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Flamenco fans in for a treat in Roquetas de Mar

APPEAL: Merce is popular with a wide audience. CREDIT:

FLAMENCO fans are in for a real treat this month, when singer, composer and guitarist Jose Merce performs at the Teatro Auditorio in Roquetas de Mar.

His show will feature songs in the best known flamenco styles, among them ‘malagueñas’ (fandangos from the Malaga area), deeply expressive ‘seguiriuyas’ and lively ‘alegrias’.

Merce is one of the best known flamenco singers in the country. He has been performing at flamenco festivals since he was a child, has put out 17 albums over the course of his career and has sold 600,000 records in the last 15 years.


He has always stayed true to the essence of classic flamenco, but at the same time he hasn’t shied away from mixing up musical genres, making him popular not only with flamenco-lovers, but also a much wider audience.

The Roquetas performance will be on Saturday February 29 at 9.30pm


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