COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Andalucia government investment in wildfire prevention in provincial mountains

AREA: Wildfire prevention measures will be carried out in Urracal, Velez-Blanco, Velez-Rubio and Somontin CREDIT:

THE Junta de Andalucia is planning to invest just short of €900,000 in wildfire prevention measures in the Sierra Maria-Los Velez mountains.

The regional government’s Agriculture, Fishing and Sustainable Development department is to allocate €886,000 to actions in 177 hectares of the municipalities of Urracal, Velez-Blanco, Velez-Rubio and Somontin as part of an Andalucia-wide project for public forested areas, the details of which were announced at the end of last year.

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The measures will be aimed specifically at reducing the risk of fires breaking out by eliminating the vertical and horizontal continuity of vegetation, and at mitigating the effects of blazes should they occur.

The Junta actions, which are currently being put out to contract, will affect around 1,500 hectares, nearly all protected areas, in 31 Andalucia municipalities.


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