COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Greener wheels for Cuevas del Almanzora Local Police

ADVANCE: The Mayor said the new vehicle will improve the Local Police force’s daily work CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas del Almanzora

CUEVAS del Almanzora’s Local Police force has a brand new set of more environmentally friendly wheels.

The council’s Public Safety department has acquired for the force a hybrid Hyundai with the Directorate General of Traffic ECO distinction on a ‘renting’ basis.

The vehicle boasts a series of the latest technological innovations aimed at improving safety, including an integrated camera, lane change alert and vehicle localisation.


Mayor Antonio Fernandez, Public Safety councillor Isabel Maria Haro, councillor Pedro Martinez, Local Police chief Juan Javier Castro and officer Diego Antonio Diaz officially received the car from local Hyundai dealership manager Jose Antonio Alarcon earlier this week.

“This police vehicle contributes to improving the daily work of our Local Police force, and with this we expand the safety resources in our municipality”, the Mayor commented.


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