Suspected ‘habitual thieves’ caught red handed by Malaga police on the Costa del Sol


VIGILANT neighbours alerted police to an attempted motorbike theft as it was allegedly taking place in Malaga this morning – resulting in the arrest of two suspected ‘habitual criminals’.

At around 4am, several residents called 092 to report two men, covering their faces with helmets, were trying to steal the vehicle in Calle Competa.

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Officers were quickly on the scene, but on realising the game was up, the pair reportedly fled in different directions – one towards Portada Alta, the other towards the Teatinos neighbourhood.

They were both eventually tracked down, and one resisted arrest. The second suspect was searched, and according to sources, was found to have two knives hidden under his clothes.

Officers later discovered a third knife and a motorcycle jack and suspect the two detainees may be ‘habitual criminals’ responsible for other similar offences in the area.

They were both arrested and awaiting court hearings.


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