Entertainment News: Costa del Sol actress wins at Spain’s Goya awards

Belén Cuesta’s first Goya Award: Best Leading Actress CREDIT: Twitter

ACTRESS Belén Cuesta has won the award for Best Leading Actress for her role as Rosa in “La Trinchera Infinita”.

In the film the actress gives life to Rosa, a “mole” during the Franco regime that has to live hidden, trapped in her own home when her husband is captured by the Civil Guard. It is the actress’s third nomination and her first Goya Award. Cuesta took to the stage brimming with both excitement and pride, especially for having received the award in her hometown, Malaga.

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Although born in Seville, her childhood and adolescence were spent in the coastal town of Fuengirola. She trained as an actress at the Cimera d’Arte Drama School in Malaga, in addition to receiving classes in interpretation from other schools.

On accepting the award she thanked her classmates: Penelope Cruz, Greta Fernández and Marta Nieto. Also showing gratitude to the producers of the film and the directors “for giving me this wonderful character, for giving me the role of my life.” She didn’t leave out her cast partner, Antonio de la Torre, whom he thanked “because my Rosa without your Higinio would not have been the same.”



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