STORM GLORIA CLAIMS ANOTHER VICTIM: Police discover body of missing man at bottom of the River Monstant

The body of a man has been found at the bottom of the River Monstant

On Thursday morning, it was announced that two further people were missing due to the extreme overnight conditions, and a few hours later one of the bodies was found in the man’s own car in Jorba, a small town in central Catalonia. 

Also on Thursday, police discovered the body of a 36 year old man who had been reported missing in Cabacés, outside Tarragona. Again, the man’s body was found in his own car, submerged in the Montsant River. The vehicle was discovered 220 metres away from a forest trail that the victim used regularly to go to work, according to the mayor of the town.

In total, health services responded to 78 medical requests in the last few days as a result of the storm.



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