PAY RISE: Minimum Wage In Spain Raised To 950 Euros

The Spanish government has allocated a budget of around 14,400 million euros to help keep SMEs and the self-employed afloat. Credit: Shutterstock

Government, employers and unions agree to raise the minimum wage to 950 euros

The new minimum wage in Spain will be EUR 950 per month. This will be the case thanks to the agreement reached yesterday, Wednesday, between the Government, the unions and employers.

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The rise comes just ten days after the start of the PSOE and UN Podemos Executive. The increase has effect from the first day of the year and can be applied retroactively.

The minimum salary in Spain thus stands at 950 euros per month in 14 payments, i.e. 13,300 euros per year, an increase of 5.5% compared to 12,600 euros per year in 2019.

As Euro Weekly News understands, not taking into account the effect on part-time workers, the increase will benefit “more than two million workers”.



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