Costa del Sol News: Free Latin Dance class in Fuengirola


FUENGIROLA Town Council will hold a free Latin dance class on February 7 in the Plaza de la Constitución as part of the start of the activities for “Vive Fuengirola con Amor” program. Organiser, Isabel González pointed out that “it will be the dance academies Chassé and‘ Baila Conmigo ” that will be responsible for teaching couples to take the first steps in different forms of Latin dances. So that as many people as possible can learn, two classes are planned; the first at 7:00 p.m. and the second after 8:00 p.m. ”.

Her partner, Isabel Moreno has insisted that “this activity can go as a couple or alone, which is an opportunity to meet other dance fans and have a good time dancing.” In this regard, she also highlighted in “that the class will review the dances from the most basic movements, so that someone who has never danced but wants to start in this activity can go without any problem.”

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