Barbershops in Spain’s Mallorca hit by unfair competition

Competition is high amongst barbershops on the island. Credit: La Barberia

THE Association of Hairdressers in Mallorca, Spain, have denounced the unfair competition that a proportion of barbershops are facing on the island.

President Joan Coll explained that many new shops are offering significantly lower prices for cuts and an extremely fast service, with most customers spending under 10 minutes in the chair. However, he believes that this not only pushes more traditional barbershops to slash their prices, but that it also takes away exactly what makes the profession so special.

Coll believes it is about offering a comfortable space with a personalised service, using scissors rather than a machine which requires more time and skill.


Many new barbershops also rent out their chairs rather than employing workers. Although illegal, it is a commonplace practice and means that outgoing costs are much lower than a business that follows the legal rules. Coll asks that there is more regulation of the profession so all businesses pay social security to give a level playing field for barbershops.


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