CHEERS! Wetherspoons will celebrate Brexit by slashing prices of beer, vodka and whisky imported from EU States

Weather spoons announce "Lets Stay Friends" Deals on imported drinks

The Wetherspoon pub chain is to cut prices on a series of European drinks for a month starting on January 31st in a bid that is aimed at helping UK-EU relations.

Its so-called “Let’s stay friends” move will offer customers around 60p off drinks which originate in European countries including Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Holland and Ireland, as well as from across the UK.

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Chairman Tim Martin said:

 “Many of our customers are keen to celebrate Brexit. At the same time we want to remain friends with our European neighbours and offer a range of drinks at an excellent price. In my opinion, there has been far too much political posturing in negotiations between the UK and the EU up until now.

The UK should aim to treat all countries of the world equally by eliminating current protectionist tariffs on nearly 13,000 non-EU imports, which cause every person, and most businesses in the UK, to pay artificially high prices for everyday goods, including rice, oranges, wine and children’s clothing and shoes.The EU and UK need to understand that tariffs and protectionism are counter-productive.

UK consumers will shun EU goods if tariffs are imposed on UK exports – as EU consumers might do if the roles were reversed. It is therefore pointless for one side to threaten the other with tariffs. The public and businesses will be the ultimate decision-makers through their purchasing choices. Let’s stay friends and enjoy free trade, but take account of the economic reality.”

“Consumers hold the whip hand in these negotiations, not governments.”



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