Green light for Costa Almeria road upgrades to improve safety and communications

RESULTS: The Public Works deputy said the works will make the roads safer and improve communications between the localities CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria has given the green light to a €240,000 investment to highway upgrades in the La Alpujarra and Levante regions of the province.

The provincial government will carry out works on the AL-6109 running from Los Gallardos to Lubrin via Bedar and on the A-348 going from Canjayar to Abla via Ohanes, Tices and Santillana.

The works come under a plan aimed at keeping the 1,200 kilometres of roads making up the provincial highway network continually maintained and in optimum condition, the provincial administration said.


“You will see an increase in safety and comfort for all those using these roads daily, and it will make communications between these localities easier”, commented Diputacion Public Works deputy Oscar Liria on the investment.

The deputy also maintained the works projects reflected the Diputacion’s commitment to “equalise opportunities among Almerians, independently of the municipality in which they live, and to provide more and better services which result in greater quality of life for residents.

“These works are on the line of benefitting inland municipalities, which also contributes to strengthening another of the provincial institution’s main cornerstones: the fight against depopulation.”


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