American dog trainer who publicly ABUSES dogs is holding a seminar in the UK for £600 per person

Credit: twitter

American dog trainer Jeff Gellman charges people £600 to physically abuse their dogs right in front of them, and is bringing his ‘seminar’ to the UK this summer. 

Jeff, who owns Solid K9 Training, as been slammed by the public and criticised for his ‘techniques’ on social media, which forced him to deactivate his account. Jeff posted videos this week of his sessions with dog owners, which involved showing the coward hitting unsuspecting dogs with rolled up towels. 

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The RSPCA has responded and labelled Jeff’s methods as ‘completely unnecessary’ and voiced ‘significant concerns’ over a technique he refers to as ‘bonking’. 

Jeff has decided to hold two UK seminar events and videos have been recirculating. In one of the clips the dog trainer forcefully throws a rolled-up towel at a dogs head, who yelps in shock and cowers in front of its owner. The RSCPA responded to the video saying: “The video is really upsetting. We understand this incident happened in the US but we’ve been made aware that this trainer is due to host an event in Manchester” 

Credit: Twitter

“We have previously written to Solid K9 Training to make them aware of our concerns over training techniques and methods and are doing so again. We are in the process of contacting Eventbrite and asking them to remove this from their website, and we’d also like to write to the venue to make them aware. 

“Unfortunately the venue has not been advertised so if anyone knows where the event is being held then we’d ask them to let us know”

Jeff’s two day event will be held in Manchester in August and is shockingly charging people £600 to attend, the page reads: “The seminar address will be emailed along with your confirmation code once a ticket is purchased.” However a petition has been started “end Jeff Gellman’s abuse of dogs” with over 50,000 having already signed. 


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