COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Deputies call on government of Spain for more resources to deal with wave of Almanzora Valley robberies

Thanks to a thorough investigation, the Guardia Civil of Antequera managed to find the two suspects and both have been sentenced to jail this week. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

ALMERIA Partido Popular national deputies have called on the government to take action on what they claim is a wave of robberies in the Almanzora valley area.

Miguel Angel Castellon and Juan Jose Matare registered a question in Congress in response to concerns about a series of house break-ins in recent weeks in municipalities including Tijola, Seron, Alcontar, Purchena, Olula del Rio and Fines.

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Castellon believes thieves took advantage of the Festive Season holiday period when they know people would be out celebrating to force their way into homes in search of cash and jewellery.

The PP deputy stressed that the region’s Guardia Civil and Local Police forces are doing a tremendous job, but insisted the Government needed to be made aware of the situation in order to equip them with more resources.

“The Almanzora Valley is a quiet area of our province, where residents live safely and without fear, and that is what we want to continue to prevail in the face of the current concern about the wave of robberies”, he told Congress.

The deputy expressed the hope the Interior Ministry will report shortly on what how it intends to act on the matter “to put an end to the robberies which are making the residents of an area which has always been quiet and safe in which to live nervous.”

If the ministry does not report back not the PP will present a motion in Congress urging the Government to improve Guardia Civil resources, including better vehicles and more officers, Castellon explained.


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