Almodóvar’s Feroz Award wins in Spain ready him for Malaga’s Goya film awards

Almodóvar’s movie sweeps the boards: Best Director award. Credit: Twitter

PEDRO Almodóvar’s “Dolor y Gloria”,  has swept a total of six awards in the seventh edition of the Feroz Awards, awarded by the Association of Cinematographic Reporters of Spain (AICE). Making the film the favourite for the upcoming Goya Awards in Malaga on January 25. 

The great victory of Almodóvar in the Feroz takes place comes days after the Oscar nominations were announced, in which the film by the Manchego filmmaker is up for Best International Film, in the same way that Antonio Banderas is up for the Oscar for Best Leading Actor for his work on this film.

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“Dolor y Gloria”, received a total of six of the ten awards for which it was nominated: Best drama film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Antonio Banderas), Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Music.

Almodóvar has dedicated his Best Director award to the actors he has worked with, while he has dedicated the recognition for Best Screenplay to the people of Orellana la Vieja where he grew up.



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