Tragedy In Spain As Baby Injured In Huelva Fire Dies After Eight Days In ICU

Tragedy In Spain As Baby Injured In Huelva Fire Dies After Eight Days In ICU Credit: Shutterstock

THE 16-day-old baby affected by the fire which broke out last week (Tuesday 7) has tragically died after eight days in the Neonatal ICU of the Juan Ramón Jiménez hospital in Huelva.

The hospital reported that the newborn died last night (Wednesday) stating that the baby “had not been able to overcome the serious burns suffered during the fire.

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The management of the hospital and its professionals, especially those who have been attending the newborn “join in the family’s grief at this very difficult time.”

The newborn was rescued from the house by firemen who found the child in cardiac arrest, after being resuscitated was transferred to the hospital in a critical condition.

The alarm was given last Tuesday at 7:40 am, informing of a fire located on the fourth floor flat of Salvador Rueda Street in the Spanish city of Huelva.

Authorities had previously confirmed that there had been two other fatal victims of the fire. Reports now verify that they were siblings, a 15-year-old boy and a 24-year-old girl. The young woman was the mother of the newborn.

The surviving family members are receiving psychological support from the Red Cross in order to cope with the tragedy in the best possible way.

The baby’s 50-year-old grandmother, who has burns on 30 percent of her body, is also still hospitalised in the Virgen del Rocío Burns Unit in Seville.

The Scientific Police investigating the causes of the fire, which started in the living room – and was completely burnt out – determined after the first inspection that its origin could be in a heater commonly known in Spain as a “brasero.”



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