More than one in three in Spain opt for aesthetic medical treatments, dermal fillers and botox the most in demand

POPULAR: Dermal fillers and botox are the treatments most in demand in Spain. CREDIT: Shutterstock

AESTHETIC medical treatments are becoming increasingly popular in Spain, a new study shows.

The SEME Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Society found that 35.9 per cent of Spaniards use aesthetic medicine services, 5.4 per cent more than two years ago.

According to the report five out of 10 women and two out of 10 men currently have aesthetic medical treatments of one kind or another.


Significantly in an age of selfies and online influencers, the research also revealed that a growing number of young people are paying for aesthetic retouches.

“The appearance of selfies, the coverage of aesthetic medicine on social media and the influence this has on young people has meant that people under 26 years old are being introduced into the world of aesthetic medicine through hyaluronic acid lip fillers and other preventative treatments with botulinum toxin”, or botox as it is more commonly known, the study authors concluded.

Just short of 57 per cent of users opt exclusively for facial treatments, a five per cent increase on three years ago, and 20 per cent undergo both body and facial procedures.

Dermal fillers and botox are the treatments most in demand in Spain.

Young Spaniards’ greatest beauty concerns are getting rid of cellulite and body fat, while older people opt more for treatments for hyperpigmentation, to remove marks on the skin and for photoregeneration.

Nearly 62 per cent go along for aesthetic medical treatments on the recommendation of friends or family, although younger people are more likely to seek out information on the internet. The main reason for seeking out these kinds of treatments is to improve appearance and to feel good.

The youngest are more likely to be motivated a desire to gain self-confidence and to show the best version of themselves, while the oldest want to reduce the signs of ageing.


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