Costa Almeria capital unveils ‘life smiles at you’ slogan ahead of FITUR international tourism fair in Spain

APPEAL: Almeria city is a happy, friendly Mediterranean city offering unique attractions, the mayor says. CREDIT: Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco M Twitter @RamonFPM

ALMERIA has unveiled a brand new smiley slogan to promote the provincial capital ahead of next week’s FITUR international tourism fair in Madrid.

Mayor Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco and City Promotion councillor Carlos Sanchez did the honours of presenting the ‘En Almeria la vida te sonrie’ (In Almeria life smiles at you) message, which will feature in all the events and initiatives aimed at publicising the city as a holiday destination, and which is accompanied by a promotional video.

“That is the power of Almeria. A city which knows how to make quality of life one of its banners, and that is the power of Almerians, our ability to make everyone see Almeria for what it is: a Mediterranean city, filled with light, open and friendly, which you enjoy”, the Mayor insisted.


“If tourism today is driven by the search for traveller sensations, then it hits the mark to insist on coming to Almeria, which it the closest thing to happiness you can find on a website or in a travel agency”, Fernandez-Pacheco added.

He pointed out that the provincial capital has experienced “impressive” development in terms of tourism in recent years thanks to its landscapes, history and unique characteristic, but said the city council has not up until now had single concept, idea or stamp encapsulating its appeal to different tourism markets.

“Now the ‘En Almería la vida te sonríe’ slogan will be able to used in publicity campaigns aimed at each segment”, he explained.

It is, the mayor stressed, “a phrase which reflects the sense of the Almerians; an optimistic, sustainable and inclusive tourist slogan, just like Almeria city.

“Almeria is the best city in the world. How are you not going to smile at life if you come here!”


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