European Parliament says so long and thanks to Nigel Farage

Time for a celebration Credit: Steve Bowbrick flickr

AFTER spending some 21 years as an MEP, Nigel Farage, who fought against EU Parliament squandering of resources, is reportedly due to receive what is described as a ‘transition’ payment once Britain leaves the European Union.

The sum which is estimated at around €170,000 is to help financially once his income from the European Parliament is removed and this is on top of any pension which he will also become eligible for in due course.

Unfortunately for those Brexit Party members who did so well at last year’s European Parliament elections, it is unlikely that they will receive any payment as their service has been for such a short period of time.


To celebrate the loss of his job, Mr Farage wants to host a celebration party in Parliament Square on January 31 and if permission is given to use the area, he may well try recouping the £100,000 (€110,000) cost by charging admission.


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