Axarquia News: Life saving officers in Motril, Spain

Officers performed the Heimlich manoeuvre: First aid is a crucial part of training. CREDIT: Prensa Motril 

ON Friday, two local police officers saved the life of a seven-year-old girl with a first aid manoeuvre in Motril. The police were patrolling Calle Carretas, when a woman approached desperately and shouting that she needed help and “that her daughter was choking.”

Officers quickly came to her aid and discovered that the girl had a noticeable redness, poor breathing, and was unable to speak. They began to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre until the child was able to eject a large piece of a sweet. Subsequently, once the foreign body was expelled, the child was able to breathe normally again and got the colour back in her cheeks.

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Once the family was able to calm down, they showed their gratitude by thanking the officers. It should be remembered that in certain emergency situations, this knowledge of first aid can be crucial to assist people if necessary until the arrival of ambulance services and its implementation can save lives.


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