Mystery in Spain as strange white dust rains down onto the streets

spain news
A strange white substance has appeared on the streets and balconies of Spain. Credit: Twitter.

A PECULIAR white substance has puzzled authorities and residents in Spain, which is being named locally as ‘white rain.’

Over 100 residents in Vilallonga del Camp in Tarragona have reported the puzzling dust-type material which has has landed across the streets, on cars and balconies from the sky, leading many to put forth their own ideas of their origin. 

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Raising their doubts on social media, some cite that it is from labour works around the municipality, where others discount that claim and state that they have possibly been emitted from nearby manufacturing plants. One user simply thought it “We are going to die it means the end of the world”, with another calling on the “City Council to find out immediately for the sake of our community.

spain news
Residents in Tarragona have complained about the substance. Credit: Twitter.

The case had gone unnoticed until the environmental platform named Cel Net noticed a vast number of complaints made by users on social media about the matter. This prompted Seprona, Guardia Civil’s Protection Services to act, where they are now testing the substance in a laboratory.

Experts at Cel Net suspect that it is in fact micro-plastics emitted from a large-scale manufacturing company in the area, however as Euro Weekly News understands, Seprona’s research team are actively determining where it has come from. Scientists are also figuring out the dangers, if any, the substance has on citizens’ health. 


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