Violence on the streets of Spain as man set upon by thugs wielding knives and axes

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A gang set upon a man in Badalona, Spain. Credit: Twitter.

A SHOCKING act of violence has taken place in broad daylight in Badalona, Spain, when a man was set upon by a group of thugs welding large knives, sticks and axes.  

The horrifying incident, which has been condemned by Badalona City Council, took place on Avenida Alfons XIII shortly after 4.30pm today (January 9). A gang of 8 men pulled up to the side of a road in two cars, where they then got out of their vehicles and launched an attack on a man who was walking down the street. 

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Armed with deadly weapons, they began to strike the man, who managed to escape and flee into a nearby bar. Realising the severity of the attack, the bar owner immediately locked the door. One of the men then got back into the car and drove it through the glass front, with the other members forcing their way into the premises. Once inside, they launched a second attack on the man, where police report terrified customers screamed for help as they were caught up in the brawl. 

Once satisfied with the injuries inflicted on the man, they fled off from the scene in two grey vehicles believed to have French license plates. It is understood by officers working on the case that they then travelled in the direction of Barcelona.

Footage of the incident has been shared on social media and shows the car being driven into the bar as the assailants entered inside with sticks, axes and knives. They are then seen driving away at speed. 

Notified of the incident by a number of residents in the area of the time, several units of the police and an ambulance arrived at the scene. The injured man, who witnesses describe was bloodied and battered on the floor of the bar, was then taken to Hospital Esperit Sant de Santa Coloma de Gramene in Barcelona where it is reported that he has suffered serious head injuries. 

As Euro Weekly News understands, sources indicate that the gang are drug dealers operating in the area and the police are now analysing CCTV image in a bid to bring those responsible for the attack to justice. 


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