Victorian London comes to Costa de Almeria stage in Jekyll & Hyde musical

SINISTER: The idea behind the staging is to create a dramatic, menacing atmosphere. CREDIT: Jekyll & Hyde El Musical Facebook @JekyllAndHydeElMusical

THE sinister foggy streets of Victorian London are coming soon to Roquetas de Mar with three performances of hit show, Jekyll & Hyde, the musical at the Teatro Auditorio.

Loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel the ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, this award-winning musical horror-drama debuted on Broadway in 1997 following a national tour of the US. Since then there have been numerous international productions in various languages, including two tours in the UK, a revamped tour of the US eight years ago and a Broadway revival in 2013.

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The first performance of the show in Spain was in 2000 and starred Spanish legendary singer and actor Rafael. The Spanish version features some songs which did not appear in the original and completely original staging.

The idea was to create a more dramatic, menacing atmosphere, the result of the special effects, 150 costumes, clever lighting and distinctive sound resulting in a production which while remaining faithful in many ways to the original is also distinctly avante-garde.

There will be three performances of Jekyll & Hyde, the musical in Roquetas: Friday Febuary 7 and Saturday February 8 at 9.30pm and at 6pm on Sunday February 9.


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