Spain’s Civil Guard Break-Up A Four-Day Illegal New Year “Rave” Party

Spain’s Civil Guard Break-Up A Four-Day Illegal New Year “Rave” Party Credit: Twitter

AGENTS of the Spanish Civil Guard were alerted to an illegal “rave” party reportedly being held since New Year’s Eve in an abandoned pig factory.

It is believed that there had been over a thousand participants at the illegal festival which had been going on for several days in Sant Mateu, Castellón- Spain.

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As Euro Weekly News understands, the eviction was carried out “progressively and without incident”

From the early hours of the morning, agents of the Spanish Civil Guard proceeded to cut off the music, inactivating the event followed by the eviction of the remaining people at the event, reportedly some 400 individuals.

The “rave” had taken inside an abandoned factory located on land owned by the Diputación de Castellón in Sant Mateu.

The alert to the “free party” was given by a resident of the area who, on passing through the area on New Year’s Day, observed the accumulation of vehicles and people in the area. Reportedly more than a thousand people had gather at the party.

The barn – which was built 15 years ago but has never been used – is located in an area of olive groves, it’s believed that the individuals had not use the barn before New Years as their presence would have been easily detected given that the surrounding lands are currently being harvested for the olive season and workers would have spotted them.

A free party is a party “free” from the restrictions of the legal club scene. It typically involves a sound system playing electronic dance music from late at night until the time when the organisers decide to go home. The parties can be thought of as autonomous zones where all the people present create and enforce the rules. This typically means that drugs are readily available and noise levels are usually illegally high. The word free in this context is used both to describe the entry fee and the lack of restrictions and law enforcement.

Police crackdowns on these often-illegal parties, especially in the UK, drove the scene into the countryside. The word “rave” somehow caught on to describe these semi-spontaneous weekend parties occurring at various locations.



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