Pick Pocket Alert On Spain’s Costa Del Sol As Gangs From Barcelona Target The Coast


The Three Kings Processions were marred on Sunday in many areas of Spain along the Costa del Sol as pickpockets took rich pickings.

Whilst pickpocketing is normally more common and associated with Spain’s larger cities such as Barcelona, especially at this time of year as larger tourist destinations arrive into the city, this year has seen a heavy crackdown by Police, thus forcing the gangs further afield as they hunt their prey and takings.

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Moderate sized gangs are reported to have hit the Costa Del Sol for the festive period and they took the opportunity to strike along the Costa del Sol during the Three Kings packed crowds with many cases of missing wallets and purses reported to police stations along the coast with Fuengirola, Malaga and Marbella hit the hardest with 156 incidents reported after the processions.

Previous to the processions also taking place reports have been rife on seafronts and markets, seafront cafes have been particular targets as customers openly leave items on tables such as mobile phones as well as half-open unguarded handbags.

People really need to be careful at present said crime specialist and retired police officer Rod Hughes who follows criminal activities as a private investigator here in Spain.

He told the Euro Weekly News, ” Barcelona used to be rife of pickpockets especially on the Las Rambla but police have been clamping down hard in recent months forcing the thieves to work further afield, not only that with Malaga airport only being an hours flight away from Barcelona – it makes a quick getaway for the thieves and eliminates the chances of detection afterwards as items are “fenced” back in the city”

“This isn’t chancers, it’s well-organised crime, these thieves are artists in theft, devious and very clever, most victims aren’t even aware they have been robbed until its too late”

“Extra caution is needed right now along the coast as thieves are like foxes, once they have made a kill they will return.”



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