Costa Blanca News: British takeover as German numbers decrease in Denia

British numbers increase: Capital of region.

THE REGIONAL capital maintains an upward trend in the number of inhabitants. The population registered in Denia according to the data of the register of yesterday showed that the city has 43,949 residents, which reflects that in the last year it has experienced a growth of 2 per cent, which translates into almost 900 people more than at the beginning of 2019. A striking fact is that now the foreign group with the greatest presence is the British, which has ended the German predominance of recent years.

The 104 different nationalities that live in Denia are proof of the attractiveness to travellers from around the world and the hospitality of its people. 75.67 per cent of the registered are Spanish, that is 33,255 people. It is an amount similar to that of a year ago. The factor that has marked the increase in global computing is mainly due to the greater presence of foreign residents, who are already 10,694, which is 802 more than twelve months earlier.

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