Pont de Montcau project takes the Altea prize in Costa Blanca

PARTICIPATORY BUDGET: Ramp suggested for steep Pont de Montcau. Photo credit: Jack Globetrotter

More than 400 residents voted to use Altea’s Participatory Budget allocation for improvements to Calle Puente de Montcau.

This was the third edition of the popular vote, with 1,051 registered residents emitting 2,256 votes to decide how some of the town hall’s cash is spent. Citizens’ Participation councillor Maria Antonia Lavios thanked all the members of the local population who took part in the Altea Imagina, Alteaparticipa (Altea Imagines, Altea participates) initiative.

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“They have shown that they want to take part in the decisions that make improvements to our town,” Lavios said.
The Montcau proposal for a ramp to substitute some of the steep road’s steps was backed by 408 people, followed by improvements to the CapBlanc neighbourhood, which obtained 381 votes.

“We conclude this edition with good news, as the total budget has increased to €120,000 and there was a 23.5 per cent increase in the number of people taking part,” the councillor said.This amount will cover the Pont de Montcau project, Lavios said, with the remainder shared between the other finalists.



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