Spanish keen on wining and dining out, but not big spenders

CULTURAL DIFFERENCE: The Spanish eat out five times more than the Germans. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE Spanish are big on wining and dining out in comparison to their European neighbours, but are not the biggest spenders.

A new European study shows only the Italians eat out more than the Spanish. However, the Spanish are some way behind other nationalities when it comes to total spending in bars and restaurants

The Spanish shell out some €800 a year on eating and drinking outside the home. This compares with more than €1,000 in Italy, €990 in Germany, €975 in the UK and €850 in France.


Taking into account the differences in prices and average salaries in Spain and the other countries, the report found that the Spanish dedicate 15 per cent of earnings to eating out, five times more than the Germans.

The Spanish typically visit bars or restaurants 160 times a year.


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