Spanish Singer upsets Gibraltar With Social Media Insult And Booted Off Music Festival List For Uniting Gibraltar/Spain

Original Elias was dropped from the festival bill Credit: Facebook

AFTER Paloma Faith was booed at the Gibraltar Music Festival in 2015 for saying onstage “Hola España”, another musician has been dropped from the recent Reggaeton Festival for apparently saying “Gibraltar Español” on Instagram.

Original Elias was due to appear at the festival, but after complaints were made about the comment, he was contacted by the organisers and he explained that it was his cousin and not him who had uttered the words.

Despite this explanation and an apology for the offence caused, he was dropped from the festival and his partner, the Gypsy singer from Madrid, Moncho Chavea had to appear alongside regular collaborator Bandaga.


Reggaeton is a form of music which incorporates reggae beats with Latin American music style which first became popular in Panama in the 1970s but was given its name and was restyled in Puerto Rico in the 1990s.

Since then it has become a popular music style enjoyed by millions of Spanish speakers and has had a number of international breakthrough hits including Despacito by Luis Fonsi.


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