Drunk couple’s row leads to car crash in Spain as car overturns

Car overturned in Seville . Credit Emergencias Sevilla/Twitter.

A COUPLE aged 48 and 57 years old have been injured in the early hours of this morning after an argument between them apparently caused the driver to lose control and overturn the car. 

The vehicle was completely destroyed in the accident, with it seemingly miraculous the couple escaped with nothing more than slight injuries. 

The incident happened at about 4 am today (December 29) on the Paseo de las Delicias in Seville. 


On being alerted, firefighters, Local Police and medics raced to the scene. There they found the driver and occupant slightly injured. The 48-year-old driver tested positive for alcohol, being nearly two times the limit. 

Her 57-year-old companion was also tested and he came out nearly double the limit as well. 

Investigating police say it would appear a heated argument had erupted between the couple. First indications are that the passenger may have grabbed the wheel causing the driver to lose control, hit a bollard and overturn the car. 

Police are investigating the passenger for a crime against road safety. 

Firefighters righted the car, although the road was closed for about an hour while an investigation was completed and debris removed. 


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