A FRANTIC search is currently underway after an empty pram and children’s belongings were found beside a river in Greater Manchester, England.

As Euro Weekly News understands, divers are now preparing to search River Etherow in Stockport which is located nearby to a weir in a country park.

As reported by local press on the scene, witnesses said they saw a pram, toys and clothes belonging to a child in the water at the popular beauty spot, however, officers leading the search state that no one has yet been spotted by search and rescue teams.  A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said:


“We are currently at the scene with two fire engines, a tactical rescue unit and a boat.

“A pram and a child’s belongings were seen at the weir, but we are not aware of anyone being reported in the water and we have not found anyone in the water.”

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Specialist divers are searching the river. Credit:MES

Local resident Eve Dugdale has provided key information to Manchester Evening Standing, as was walking in the country park with family and friends when the emergency services arrived at the scene. She said:

“We’d just walked past the waterfall when three fire engines, an ambulance and the helicopter turned up.

“We saw a pram in the water at the waterfall with all the baby paraphernalia in the water.

“It was a grey and black buggy near the bottom and it looked like a blanket, a changing mat and other stuff were at different stages above it.

“They moved us off and we walked away. We’re at the entrance to the park now and there are loads of vehicles here.

“It’s a really popular spot, especially at this time of year and there are loads of families about.

“Everyone seems to be a bit shocked.”

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A frantic search is currently underway at a park in Manchester. Credit: MES.

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The River Etherow flows through Etherow Country Park which covers an area of around 200 acres and lies at the heart of the Etherow-Goyt Valley.


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