Police issue warning to swimmers in Spain as man drowns after taking advantage of warmer waters

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Thousands of sun-seekers will arrive in Spain this weekend to take advantage of warmer weather. Credit: File Image.

AS a countless number of people enjoy the glorious temperatures across Spain this weekend, the National Police have issued a warning to swimmers who plan to take advantage of the warmer waters.

The news of balmy weather in Spain during the festive season, which will see many coastal regions such as the Costa del Sol reaching temperatures as high as 20 degrees Celsius, have drawn sun seekers from far and wide to the Mediterranean. Many tourists have booked a last-minute trip to make the most of the delightful December weather, with many local residents also planning seafront days to enjoy the sun.

However, after a young man sadly lost his life whilst out in the sea in an attempt to bask in the wonderful temperatures of Fuerteventura, the police have urged those who descend into the water to apply extra caution.


The tragic death took place on Friday afternoon (December 27), when the man took a swim on Nido de las Águilas beach. However, after he was not seen for several minutes by a lifeguard, the emergency services were called.

A member of the local search and rescue team found the man unconscious in the water and although CPR was carried out when he was brought back to shore, he went into cardiac arrest and died a short time later.

Although the temperatures in Spain are particularly pleasant, the waters are still especially cold both in the sea and in unheated swimming pools. Open water can be particularly dangerous and it is advised to only ever swim where it is safe, and to make sure that you can enter and exit the water both quickly and easily. Experts also urge people to not swim on their own and to wear a swimming hat to help preserve body heat.

spain news
A host of post-Christmas swims have taken place across Spain. Credit: EP.


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