One Brit Costa Blanca tourist jailed and one let off in Benidorm sexual abuse trial

SENTENCE: As well as time behind bars the young man must pay the victim €6,000 compensation. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A BRITISH tourist is set to serve jail time for sexual abuse in Benidorm.

The Alicante provincial court sentenced the young man to four years and three months behind bars for sexually abusing and injuring a woman, also from the UK, in a Benidorm apartment, but absolved his companion of the crime, Spanish media reported.

The public prosecutor had initially called for 14-year sentences, but during the course of the trial dropped the demand to nine years for one of the tourists and seven for the other. However the court reportedly did not consider it proven that the victim had refused to have sexual relations before the act which caused an injury to her private parts.

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The young man sentenced to prison time has also been ordered to pay the victim €6,000 compensation.

The case dates back to the early hours of June 27. According to reports the two young men, now aged 23 and 26, were spending a few days in the Costa Blanca resort and ran into a group of British girls who were also on holiday. After partying together, the two men went with one of the girls to an apartment she was sharing with a friend.

It was there that one of defendants is alleged to have had sexual relations with the young woman, during which he injured her genitals; she allegedly asked him to stop what he was doing, but he only did so when he realised she was bleeding profusely. His actions caused a tear for which she required medical assistance.

The sentence indicates that the other defendant did not have sex with the woman or play any part in the relations she had with his friend, although he was there.


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