The Brexit Christmas tree costs a fortune: Euro Weekly News Spain

Keep the Brexit peace at Xmas Credit: Hayes Garden Centre

HAYES GARDEN CENTRE in the North of England has produced a Christmas tree for families who are split over Brexit.

It has 52 per cent of decorations with Union Flags and 48 per cent with EU Flags as well as baubles with Brexit messages such as ‘I’m dreaming of a hard Brexit’, ‘Merry Brexmas’ and ‘All I want for Christmas is EU’.

The rotatable tree comes with an easy-to-turn base, meaning you can turn the tree around to appease whoever you have joining you this Christmas.


Your favourite Brexit characters also make an appearance on the tree as there three soft toy political figurines from Pet Hate Toys as well as a handy gold divider so you can keep the sides separated

Only problem perhaps is the cost which is definite (unlike the cost of Brexit) at £1,000 but as the centre says “Let’s face it, Christmas means Christmas.”


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