Brownlee brothers return to Costa Blanca, Spain


ONCE again Olympic and World triathlon champions, Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, are back in Spain, training in La Nucia.

The two stars who were born in Dewsbury (Yorkshire) have been coming to La Nucia to train for the coming season since 2012.

Local mayor Bernabe Cano described their presence as an “incalculably” valuable advertisement for the town’s Camilo Cano Olympic stadium.


Alistair, aged 31 and also an MBE, is the only athlete with Two Olympic titles in the triathlon event, taking gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. He won the Triathlon World Championship in 2009 and 2011 and is a four-time European champion as well as the 2014 Commonwealth champion.

His brother Jonathan(29) is also a triathlete, coming second in the 2016 Olympics and third in the 2012 Games. He also won the 2012 World Championship and the World Sprint Triathlon in 2010 and 2011.

Accompanied by their British Triathlon Federation trainer, Ian Mitchell, the brothers are training in the sports complex’s heated swimming pool and, for the first time, they can use the new athletics track, key to their daily routine of cycling, running and swimming.

The latest-generation MONDO track is very similar to the track that will be used for the Tokyo 2020 Games, where Alistair said he hopes to win his third consecutive gold medal.

“La Nucia is a perfect place to train and now it’s even better with the athletics track,” Alistair’s brother Jonathan added. “After Leeds, La Nucia is my second place for training,” he said.



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