Axarquia News: Oh crumbs! Migas festival in Torrox

Annual gastronomic festival: Tens of thousands of visitors.CREDIT: Facebook

A DAZZLING sun accompanied the almost 40,000 people who attended the XXXVIII Feast of Migas in Torrox on Sunday and mayor of Torrox, Oscar Medina, welcomed with open arms “the tens of thousands of visitors who visit what is possibly the most massive gastronomic festival in the province and Andalucia.” Medina highlighted the generosity of his town, which even goes so far as to offer gluten-free crumbs for those people with an intolerance.

There were great expectations for the festival after it had been announced that the host would be none other than actor Salva Reina. The star recalled that not only had he attended the Migas and Pre-Migas Festival many times but also that he previously performed at the Villa de Torrox Theatre and has enjoyed many of its beaches.

“You are a beautiful town, with history, that knows where it comes from, that knows how to enjoy life with so many parties, close, respectful, humble and hardworking people, proud of its roots and at the same time open, supportive and hospitable and With the Best Climate in Europe, I can only say: please, mayor, councillor, I want to register here “. 




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