Axarquia News: Low level in La Vinuela reservoir

Worries for administrators: Restrictions on irrigation.CREDIT: Wikipedia

THE RECENT downpours have barely moved the marker of the La Vinuela reservoir with respect to the previous week. The reservoir stands at 48 cubic hectometres , which represents 29.09 per cent of its capacity that reaches 165 cubic hectometres. A situation that worries the administrations, the population and especially the farmers of the region, who have been the first to notice the restrictions on irrigation in the La Vinuela – Axarquia system .

Since last November they have 25 per cent less endowment. This means that crops that are below level 140 may have only 3000 cubic metres per hectare per year, 1000 less than they had last year when, by the same dates, the swamp had 75 cubic hectometres. It was at 44.4 per cent of its capacity. Ten years ago it reached 58.67 per cent with 96 cubic hectometres.

Thus, the beginning of the hydrological year in a pre alert situation and without any action having been carried out with respect to 2018 when the Axarquia area was included in the drought decree, has farmers relieved. The measure carried out by the Junta de Andalucia responds precisely to the low rainfall recorded in 2018 and 2019. In total 6281 hectares of irrigated crops according to the General Directorate of Planning and Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Development. In the past hydrological course, of the 33.03 cubic hectometres supplied by the La Vinuela reservoir, farmers used 20.08 cubic hectometres, two less than what the irrigation communities have authorized by the Board. For the human supply, 12.95 cubic hectometres were used.



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