Spanish town protects palm trees

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THERE are two main types of insect which cause particular damage to trees (and in some cases animals) in much of Spain and these are the processionary caterpillar and the red palm weevil.processionary caterpill

The Fuengirola Council has employed a sustainable treatment to inject the 137 palm trees in the municipality over a four day period in order to ensure that they don’t become infested with the red palm weevil.

The procedure includes the boring of two to four small holes in the trunks in order to inject about 25 millilitres of emamectin benzoate and then the holes were sealed with a biodegradable plug to ensure that the mixture remains within the palm.


According to the company awarded the work, which cost €12,522, any healthy palm will be completely safe and up to 70 per cent of infected palms will be saved thanks to this new alternative technique of protection.




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