Mallorca News Top Story: Mastermind of biggest ever real estate scam in Mallorca caught

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Detained: Carlos García Roldán was arrested by police in Colombia. Credit: Colombia National Police.

THE man who was the alleged mastermind of the biggest real estate scam in Mallorca will be extradited to Spain under the orders of the Supreme Court.

Carlos García Roldán is facing a string of serious charges which relate to his role in a criminal organisation dedicated to aggravated fraud, document forgery and money laundering.

He allegedly scammed more than 200 people out of between €4 million and €7 million, where they had handed over money for homes that did not exist. After the allegations came to light in April of last year, García Roldán fled to to a family house in Buga, Colombia.


He was finally arrested in February this year, thanks to a joint operation between the Colombian police and the Guardia Civil where he has since been remanded in custody.


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