Costa del Sol News: Woman arrested in Malaga after viciously attacking Police

PICTURED: Carretera de Cadiz in Malaga where the woman was arrested

A woman was arrested after she demanded help in a social centre in Malaga and ended up attacking the Police. The 30-year-old Romanian woman was arrested after becoming aggressive with staff at the centre and allegedly assaulting police officers.

The woman arrived at a community help centre on Carretera de Cadiz, where a social worker informed her of the procedures to gain access to economic help. The arrestee began to insult and threaten staff, accusing them of racism.

According to police sources, a security guard tried to calm the woman, but requested police backup after being unable to do so. When police arrived, they attempted to ask her what had happened, but she continued using an aggressive attitude. On one occasion, she even touched an officer’s face with her index finger, invading his personal space.


The woman insisted that she would not leave until she was given money and told everyone they would die soon. Despite being warned that she could incur in a criminal offence, the woman refused to identify herself and began punching and kicking the officers.


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