Costa del Sol News: Land demand in Malaga

Asking for a larger health centre: There is literally no spaceCREDIT: Twitter

THE SOCIALIST councillor Mariano Ruiz has demanded this weekend that mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, “comply at once with his word” and endow the expansion of the health centre of El Palo. According to the Ruiz, who participated last Wednesday with more than 300 people in a rally to ask for a larger centre in the district, “the needs of residents and health professionals working in it have changed.”

In fact, “there are days in which the same consultation room is used by several doctors at the same time, because there is literally no space,”. 

In addition, the Socialist councillor warns that the number of people served is close to 40,000, “and that if compared with data from the last four years, has grown by approximately 15%.”


Therefore, he has again asked the mayor to sign over the land to the Junta de Andalucía so that the extension can finally be carried out. “Paco de la Torre boasted that he would give land to the Board to carry out the works, now he must comply. The words are not carried by the wind, they are recorded in the newspaper archives,” said Mariano Ruiz.



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