Axarquia News: Elderly man taken advantage of in Antequera


THE CIVIL Guard, have arrested seven people for the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, money laundering of capital, fraud, misappropriation and ill-treatment of an old man in the town of Antequera.

An investigation began last January when the Civil Guard was alerted of a situation between a person of 95 years of age and their caregiver.

The caregiver and her partner, realising the vulnerability of the elderly man who had no children or close relatives, devised a criminal structure to obtain the victim’s money and launder it later.


In addition, they made several notarial powers in order to be the sole legal heirs of the man and to manage bank accounts and properties. With this documentation they withdrew savings that the old man had in his home, the money he had in the bank and pension accounts he received from Switzerland and Spain, even going so far as planning the marriage of the carer with the patient in order to appropriate all his property.

The money was withdrawn in cash and re-entered into other bank accounts with different ownership to avoid being detected for which they use two tax advisors and various family members, appropriating with more than €210,000 with which they bought a house and a vehicle.


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