COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Senior citizen done for cocaine deliveries in Adra

CAUGHT OUT: Officers caught the suspect with 12 packets of the drug. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil arrested a 65-year man suspected of operating a cocaine delivery service in Adra.

The Guardia detained A.P.V. on drugs charges after catching him with 12 packets of the drug and €529 in cash.

Investigations into the ‘tele drug’ service came after the Guardia detected an increase in drug sales activity in the locality. It emerged that illegal substances were being handed over to clients by pre-appointment, the delivery locations normally discreet locations where the transaction would go unnoticed.


The drug peddler would sometimes go on foot to meet clients and sometimes drive, always taking a roundabout route to try and evade being caught out by police.

Following discreet surveillance and trailing the suspect, officers intercepted the suspect when he was on his way to meet a customer. They found the cocaine hidden in the boot of his vehicle along with the cash.


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