Fire evacuation practice run in La Nucia school on Costa Blanca

ORDERLY: When the alarm went off teachers and pupils filed out the building to assemble on the school playground. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de La Nucia

THE fire evacuation plan was put to the test at La Nucia’s San Rafael school this week.

The annual practice run simulating an emergency situation was aimed at coordinating and checking that all the elements of the plan function correctly.

The drill was coordinated by La Nucia Civil Protection, the Local Police, the school heads and the council’s Education and Public Safety departments.


The Civil Protection and Local Police chiefs Francisco Ballester and Javier Burrueco were there overseeing the simulation, along with school headmistress Noelia Perez and La Nucia local authority Education councillor Sergio Villalba.

When the fire alarm went off, 637 pupils and 47 teachers filed out from the different floors in an orderly manner and assembled outside in the school playground, the designated meeting point under the school security plan.

The whole evacuation process went off smoothly, the council reported, the building emptied of people in four and a half minutes.


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