New taxi information for Mijas Costa del Sol passengers

The first of the public signs has been put up Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

THE Mijas Council with the co-operation of the local taxi group has decided to affix information sheets at all taxi stops within the municipality.

Although there are no fixed prices for travel from one point to another, there will be an indication of approximate fares so that travellers can see for themselves how much any journey is likely to cost.

Other information about taxi services will also be included so that potential passengers don’t have to wait until they are in the cab in order to find out if there are any extra charges due to time or baggage.


This is an initiative which has been asked for by the taxi drivers as well as members of the public and visitors.

The council is committed to improving the overall service that taxis give and also to the conditions that drivers work under in order to ensure that the town has a service which can compete with other methods of public transport.


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