COSTA DEL SOL NEWS: Mijas council looking into the past with archeological survey

Councillor Laura Moreno supervises work with the georadar.CREDIT: B Martín/Mijas Comuncaccion

MIJAS council on Spain’s Costa del Sol is looking into its past with an archeological survey using radar to try and find hidden remains.

Lázaro Lagóstena, Professor of Ancient History at the University of Cadiz is carrying out the survey on land off the Camino de Campanales. The week-long project will cover 17 hectares of the area with the radar giving vital clues on whether there are any remains under the soil.

The operation of the georadar is simple: the apparatus sends a signal to the ground which, by bouncing off the different materials found, shows a difference in resistance for different materials.


The head of the Historical Heritage department of Mijas, Juan José de la Rubia, added that this study is being carried out because it is thought there may be medieval site in the area due to relics found over the years.

Councillor of Historical Heritage, Laura Moreno pointed out that since 2012 the budget for heritage has expanded five-fold.



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