Costa del Sol News: Medicines sent from Malaga to Venezuela

Medicine shortages: Illnesses untreated. Credit: Shutterstock

IN TOTAL, 120 kilos of medicines will be sent from Malaga to Venezuela by the Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation (ICLF) and the Hispanic American College (HAC), which in its commitment to the Venezuelan people, has paid for the transportation of medicines that the Venezuelan Association in the World (AVEM) collected in a campaign carried out a few weeks ago in both Malaga and Madrid.

In a press release, the ICLF pointed out that “in these moments of institutional crisis, Venezuela is a  motionless country” and that “the shortage of medicines causes easily curable diseases to become fatal.” AVEM with the help of ICLF has sent anticonvulsants, hypertension medications, antiallergics, heart medications, diabetes, anti-inflammatories, dewormers, surgical material, probes, vitamins and proteins, among other items.


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