Costa del Sol: Expansion of ‘Rocío Bazán’ square in Estepona


THE AYUNTAMIENTO of Estepona are set to expand the central ‘Rocío Bazán’ square once the Christmas holidays are over. The public space, which was created last summer between Calle Malaga and Calle Real, is dedicated to the artist Rocío Bazán and will see its surface area increasing to 260 square metres, more than double the current dimensions.

Councillor for Development, Infrastructure and Tourism, Ana Velasco, explained that the extension works will last approximately one month and a half. The new area will have the same aesthetic as the current square but will include the demolition of the existing pavement, which will be replaced Indian marble giving continuity to the existing one. In addition, four new palm trees will be planted,  new classic-style benches will be fitted and scenic lighting will be used to enhance the aesthetics of this environment.


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