Costa del Sol: Street battles in Malaga

Shots fired in Las Flores CREDIT: Pinterest

NATIONAL Police have opened an investigation to clarify a massive fight that occurred during the night on Sunday in the Las Flores neighborhood. Several witnesses alerted emergency services of the brawl, in which sticks and firearms were allegedly used. According to reports from several residents, there were also gunshots fired.  Police attended the scene but no arrests were made and there was no evidence that anyone had been injured.

However, on Monday, the 112 emergency services received several calls around 17:15 warning of another clash between several people in Calle Obispo Juan de Lancaster.  Some talked about having heard bangs and others, that sticks had been used. 

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Local officers intervened and according to sources a large kitchen knife, several weapons including one golf club and one steel pole, and a used shotgun cartridge. 

Anonymous sources stated: “We were Cemetery and shots were heard. There were 8 or 9 shots. Every time the bursts could be heard farther away,” and also stressed that the alleged perpetrators ‘fear the police so little that while the officers were in the neighbourhood another blast was heard’.



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