DUP leader not happy with Boris Johnson over Brexit

Arlene Foster on the campaign trail Credit: Twitter

FOR more than two years the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland under the leadership of Arlen Foster supported the minority Conservative Government but this may not be the case for much longer.

If the Conservatives win a governing majority in the December 12 General Election, then they will have no need for her parties support but if they are unable to form a government without the agreement of some for the minority parties in Parliament then they are bound to return to ask the DUP for help.

This however will not necessarily be forthcoming as Ms Foster has made clear because a) she is inherently opposed to the deal that Boris Johnson says he has entered into with the EU and b) be she feels that her party have been misled over the fact that there will be some form of border check once Brexit occurs.


There have been some reports that Ms Foster is even going to ask the PM to write to her confirming all of the statements that he has made about border control as she no longer trusts his word.

The latest leaked document, this time from the Department for Exiting the European Union, gives an opinion that it may not be possible to have all of the infrastructure, associated systems and staffing in place to cover Northern Ireland by December 2020, the final withdrawal date regardless of whether a trade deal has been done or not with the EU if the Conservatives win.


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